The Gardenia Brand
The brand Gardenia is associated with qualities such as good taste, freshness, trust and reliability. In a highly competitive market, these are the values that make Gardenia stand out and stay ahead.

The secret to Gardenia's success lies in its traditional American recipe that has been tried for generations. Over time, further improvements have been made to the range of recipes and the method of processing, especially in the area of automation. All these ensure that the aroma, taste and keeping qualities of the bread are consistently being maintained.


History & Milestones
1978Gardenia first started as a small in-store bakery at Bukit Timah Plaza producing variety bread, with the help of experienced American baker, Horatio 'Sye' Slocumm, who had 35 years experience in the bakery business.
1981Production was growing rapidly and plans were underway for a larger commercial bakery.

A commercial bakery was finally started in March 1983 at Pandan Loop, producing 2000 loaves per hour.

Originally based on the concept of a central bakery supplying a variety of products mainly to retail bakeries, this changed to a single-minded concentration on producing a white sandwich loaf distributed to all retail outlets including supermarkets and sundry shops.

Launched against entrenched competition; but with a superior product (softer-textured, tastier-flavoured and enriched bread), modern distinctive packaging and good marketing (effective advertising, merchandising and distribution),Gardenia bread gradually gained popularity. Its merits of being baked fresh, using the finest ingredients and delivered fresh made it the most popular brand of packaged bread in Singapore within two years.

1986In August, Gardenia expanded its operations by building a modern bakery that utilized the latest processing techniques.
1987Gardenia ventured into Thailand.
1991The first Gardenia bakery in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was commissioned.

A second bakery in Singapore was set up in June 1993, with a production capacity of 8,000 loaves an hour.

To keep up with a growing demand and modern baking technology, substantial funds were ploughed into building this new state-of-the-art bakery. Costing S$18.5 million, this new Gardenia bakery in Singapore increased manufacturing capacity by 2.5 times without compromising on quality. Equipped with new computer-generated equipment, this highly automated plant ranks among the most technologically advanced in the region.

1994Gardenia commissioned a second bakery in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
1996Gardenia expanded with new bakeries in China and India.

Gardenia further extended its regional operations to the Philippines.

Gardenia acquired a third bakery in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

1999Gardenia invested in a fourth bakery in Johore Bahru, Malaysia.

Gardenia acquired Bonjour. It has since become the No. 2 brand in Singapore for packaged loaf bread after Gardenia.

Gardenia set up a fifth bakery in Bukit Kemuning, Malaysia.

2002Gardenia built a new bakery in the Philippines.

Despite a competitive environment, Gardenia has remained the market leader till today. This speaks volumes for the many painstaking efforts that have been invested to ensure that its products are constantly a cut above the rest.


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